Welcome #Ham4Ham Fans!

Image via The Granger Collection, NYC.
Image via The Granger Collection, NYC.

I just wanted to post a quick message to welcome everyone coming over to the site thanks to the incredibly gracious tweet from Lin Manuel-Miranda (found here: https://twitter.com/Lin_Manuel/status/664503464215584768).

This site was put together by students from Marywood University in my HIST 399 course from the Spring 2015 semester, Slavery and Abolition in the Atlantic World. The students deserve all of the credit for the good work on this site, I served as site editor and moderator, providing guidance and suggestions to student authors. Amazing that so many of you found this little corner of the web today, but I truly hope you find the students’ work to be of value in finding out about this most complex, oft-contradictory and fundamentally important topic.

And if anyone wants to buy my class Hamilton tickets…I absolutely would not say no.

Adam D. Shprintzen
Assistant Professor, History
Marywood University


4 thoughts on “Welcome #Ham4Ham Fans!

      1. Thanks for the welcome! I know it might be a bit of a long shot, but I noticed Burr’s name seems conspicuously absent on the list– any chance we’ll be getting a profile of him?


      2. Thanks for the note! Great question, actually. To be honest, this blog was originally going to remain dormant. But I am teaching an American Revolution seminar this coming spring, so this could be a great opportunity for students to expand on what is here. Burr did not make the original cut of potential topics, partly in an effort to have some level of gender parity in terms of subjects but also because the class capped out at twenty-seven students. Like I said though, since many have found this useful, I am seriously considering having students work on this in the Spring.


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